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Public Interaction Program

Public interaction program organized by centrr for media Freedom in Rural Municipality on 21st January. The interaction program focused on the theme of status and challenges in public procurement process in Pipara.

Local government and good governance expert Guru Prasad Subedi gave a presentation on the norms of public procurement and the need to devise a multi-year master plan for different projects.

Chief Administrative Officer Ranjita Jha said that her office has been carrying out public procurement following the due process and the problems lie in the delay in budget allocation.

Some of the locals present in the program commented on the problems surrounding user committee.

Chief Treasury Controller at District Treasury Controller Office Yubaraj Rai said that procurement unit is essential for carrying out all development activities buying things as per annual procurement plan.

Pipara Rural Municipality Chief Binod Chaudhary said that everything is being done in a transparent manner but there are certain shortcomings. Suggestions floated by the expert will help the rural municipality to iron out all the problems, he said.

The public interaction programs were conducted as part of the activities in the project Developing and Disseminating ‘Knowledge Products’ to Support Effective Service Delivery in the Federal Governance Structure of Nepal.

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